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Thermobox BESSTER (also thermo lunch box, thermo container, thermobox, menubox, thermobox) has passed through the development process in order to remove the negatives that affect the quality and temperature of the imported food and thus directly harm our health. The uniqueness of thermoboxes is based on the purposeful distribution of containers (soup bowl, salad bowl, compote, garnish, and main dish plate) into the thermo-insulating case, thus creating a unique BESSTER thermobox eating system.

The diner would therefore receive lunch or dinner served as in a restaurant or in other catering establishment, which is, from the point of view of health, the most important. The served meal is warm (minimal loss of temperature during transport and handling) and the patient, the client, the worker, whether busy in terms of time or busy with work, can access a meal as the situation allows without reducing the quality or temperature of the consumed food.

All components that form the production process for this eating system, the BESSTER thermobox and bowls, are made of food-safe materials, and during their development great emphasis was placed on making the product easy to wash, and without any areas where dirt could settle permanently. Thermoboxes in this shape represent an innovative product that was produced and sold from 2003 till December 2007. We have started the process of innovation to improve the quality of the product and to meet demands as the previous production process required long delivery times from the time of an order being placed to distribution.

Thermobox BESSTER – parameters

width 35,0 cm bowl round - 0,5 l
length 40,0 cm bowl oval - 1,0 l
height 12,3 cm
weight 1730 g

Thermobox BESSTER is on EU markets and, not just here, is the unmatched manufacturer in terms of design, quality, ease of handling, used materials, transport variability (stacking) and, in particular, product price. Thermobox is designed not only for food distribution but also for food transportation from the distributor to the diner. Because the handling of the thermobox and its parts is very easy, it is ideal for hospitals, retirement homes, and facilities where the movement ability of the diner is limited for various reasons.

Thermobox BESSTER – use

Hospitals, social care facilities and care for seniors, retirement homes, charitable organizations, nursing care facilities, sanatoriums, catering services for company employees, individuals or groups in industrial parks, factories, in the construction industry, motorway construction, engineering networks, shops , hypermarkets, offices, correctional facilities, industrial parks, agriculture, cooperative farms, workshops, production halls, warehouses, the meat industry, and the like.

Instruction manual - Thermobox BESSTER

For hygienic reasons, it is important to thoroughly wash the BESSTER thermobox, bowls and bowl covers with detergent. Their use is very simple and practical. During consumption, it is not necessary to remove the bowls from the bottom part of the thermobox (it is used as a tray) and the bowls containing food can be heated in a microwave. ATTENTION! Do not place the BESSTER thermobox into a microwave or a hot-air oven or expose it to radiant temperatures above 60 °C.

Filling the thermobox with food

  1. Fill the bowls with food on the dosing table (inlet temperature above 80 °C)
  2. After filling, close the bowls with their cover
  3. Place the bowls into the thermobox
  4. Close the thermobox and seal it with the clips
  5. Thermobox BESSTER is ready for the distribution and delivery of food to the customer
    1. Cleaning and maintenance

      Thermobox and bowls are suitable for dish-washing under normal conditions and with common cleaning agents. Never use abrasive cleaners or sharp objects - there is a risk of damage to the surface of the thermobox and plastic container.

      Environmental Protection

      Thermobox BESSTER is made of recyclable material. Damaged thermoboxes and bowls are recommended to be taken to a separate collection facility.


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